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    garage door service kent wa

    Service Overview

    Garage Door Emegency Service Kent, WA

    When we go about our daily lives, there’s nothing worse than facing an emergency lockout situation.

    Whether it be that we’re locked out of our homes, vehicles, or business premises, the stress that we face is all the same, and at this point, the last thing you’ll want to do is to go on Google and frantically search for the best emergency services in Kent, WA.

    Luckily, all of our experienced technicians at GTS Garage doors & locksmiths have the right tools to help you out in any emergency service.

    For years, we have been assisting satisfied clients in our local and surrounding areas gain access back into their property safely and quickly, without any unnecessary damage.

    Kent, WA Garage Door Emergency Services

    GTS Garage Doors & Locksmith provide emergency services for you

    Our mobile services provide 24/7 lockout and emergency services, which means wherever you are located in the Kent, WA area and the surrounding localities – we can come to you in a relatively short time.

    When it comes to lockouts, we always ensure that we give every single one of our clients an individual assessment – we understand that every lockout situation can be different, and we don’t do a one-size-fits-all approach to anyone who requires our services.

    What emergency services do we provide?

    Our technicians are available around the clock for any kind of emergency service that you might face.

    Here are some of the most common ones that we can do for our clients:

    1.Vehicle lockouts

    Vehicle lockouts are by far the most common kind of emergency services that we get called out for – and thankfully, it is a simple process that we can solve for you quickly, however, it requires specialized tools and experience – which our technicians have readily available at a moment’s notice.

    2.Home lockout

    There’s nothing worse than being locked out of your home, and especially if you’re in an emergency or after a long day.

    Thankfully, you won’t have to break any windows to gain access to your property, as we can help you gain access to your property with our professional locksmith equipment.

    3.Digital locks

    Digital locks have been one of the most popular home security options lately, and you can rest assured that our technicians are always kept up to date with current digital lock technology so that we can solve any malfunction for you safely and efficiently.

    Our Service Rundown

    From start to finish, here’s what to expect from our services:


    At our initial consultation call, you can provide us with all the necessary information pertaining to the project you require our services with, and we will provide you with a fair quote according to current market prices of materials, etc.


    Our technicians conduct a site visit to your home to give you a final price before we agree to get the work done.


    We get to work and aim to complete the project professionally and quickly, with your full satisfaction in mind.

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    Experiencing a lockout during an emergency is a frustrating feeling, and it may cause you unnecessary stress. Thankfully, we at GTS garage door & locksmith have the right tools and experience to help you gain access back into your property safely.

    Our friendly customer service representatives will guide you through your current emergency, and provide you with advice on what you should do next.

    Once our technicians arrive, we strive to complete the job for you as quickly and as professionally as possible so that you can carry on with the important things in your life that you need to do.

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